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MCPE crashing on IOS 1.16.20


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      Minecraft crashes me and my brother out of the app after about 5-10 minutes. This did not happen prior to the update. I do not have the latest IOS version but my brother does and he still crashes. We do not crash when not using wifi. My phone is an iPhone XR and runs the game very smoothly, but this update has made me and my brother very frustrated because we both like to play eggwars on the Cubecraft server. I have tried restarting my phone and reinstalling, but it is still the same. It does not show an error code, it just exits the app. I seem to crash at varying times, sometimes 5 minutes in or 6, 7, or another random time. Please help, this is my favourite game and I would like to play without worry again. 

            Eggwars player Sage Tumulak
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