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Chunks won’t load efficiently on switch



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    • 1.16.20
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    • Nintendo Switch


      Chunks won’t load and you will have to wait a very long time for them to load. Especially when flying with an elytra. The chunks ahead of you cannot keep up with the elytra and you end up slamming into this chunk of nothingness and you have to wait there for sometimes up to 20 seconds for them to load. This deaf ears the whole purpose of using an elytra then if you can’t fly efficiently. This happens in ALL dimensions. It’s espe annoying and dangerous in the nether because YOU CANT SEE AHEAD OF YOU due to the chunks not loading. Then you are more prone to dying. And in the end it makes it difficult to fly and look for end cities. This also just happens even when you are running places on foot. This issue is not specific to traveling at high speeds such as the elytra. It just shows that the game is inferior to other versions and this version of the game is very delicate as high speed travel isn’t the problem and that the game cannot even handle slow or moderate speed travel. Not trying to insult, just constructive criticism. This issue needs to be fixed very quickly as it affects gameplay very much.


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