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(ALL Bedrock platforms) Fix can_place_on/can_destroy give commands


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      This command:
      /give <player> <itemName> [amount] [data] works just fine, until you add components that is.
      ANY specific blocks listed in a block category, i.e wools, planks(older), concrete + concrete powder, stained glass + stained glass panes, etc,
      DO NOT WORK when you want to use them.
      For example;
      /give @s acacia_button 1 0
      works fine. However;
      /give @s acacia_button 1 0 {"can_place_on":{"blocks":["red_sand"]}}
      Does NOT work, because to get red sand you need to say sand and then specify you want sand 1 not sand 0. Because of this specific types like wools, concretes, etc can't be used which SERVERLY limits map making potential on bedrock. Please Mojang, either give us a command system that can either do everything NBT tags can, OR just give bedrock NBT tags, or SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T LIMIT US!! IT IS VERY FRUSTRATING!!

      Also, If I am missing the way to do this, then how come I couldn't find a good answer on the first 10 web PAGES! Please fix this, or make a way for us to do this, or mimic the way NBT tags are done. Please, mojang, please!

      Messed up with placement of this bug. It is for Bedrock Edition. Please don't remove because of wrong label. When I created this I didn't see Minecraft Bedrock Edition as an option.

      List of known blocks which won't work, and a key:
      () will be used to define variations of normals.
      AC = all colors
      Sa = sand
      O = oak
      DO = dark oak
      S = spruce
      J = jungle
      A = acacia
      B = Birch
      N = normal type(first in list)
      Ch = chiseled
      C = cut
      Sm = Smooth
      Ss = sandstone (normal)
      NB = nether brick
      R in front of N, Ch, C, Sm = red sand, sandstone and nether brick versions
      P in front of G, An, D = polished version
      M = mossy
      Cr = cracked
      G = granite
      An = Andesite
      D = diorite
      P = prismarine
      E = end stone brick
      Cb = cobblestone
      SB = stonebrick (normal)
      Br = brick

      NOTICE: When attempting if you enter the group names, works for all blocks in those groups!!!
      "can_place_on" blocks- (blocks you want said item to be placed on)

      • sand(Sa, RSa)
      • wool(AC)
      • carpet(AC)
      • concrete(AC)
      • concrete powder(AC)
      • planks(DO, O, S, J, A, B)
      • terracotta(AC NOTICE:still called "hardened_clay" in database)
      • fence(DO, O, S, J, A, B)
      • sandstone(N, Ch, C, Sm, RN, RCh, RC, RSm)
      • stonebricks(N, M, Cr, Ch)
      • walls(N(Cb), Cb(M),G, D, An, Ss, RSs, SB(N), SB(M), Br, NB, RNB, E, P NOTICE: still called cobblestone_wall in database, which makes no sense, because there are walls which have nothing to do with cobblestone)
      • stones(N, G, PG, D, PD, An, PAn)
      • infested stone(N, Cb, SB(N), SB(M), SB(Cr), SB(Ch) NOTICE: still called monster_egg)
      • log(O, B, S)
      • log2(A, J, DO)
      • wood(DO, O, S, B, J, A)
      • wooden_slab(DO, O, S, B, J, A)
        NOTICE: I'm not going to even try listing all the slab types.
      • stone_slab1
      • stone_slab2
      • stone_slab3
      • stone_slab4
      • stairs

      NOTICE!! ALL ABOVE BLOCKS DON'T WORK IN can_destroy component either!!!!

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