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Force close after killing raid mobs during raid



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      So normally after we kill raid mob during the raid they will die, dropped some juicy loot and disappear into a dust and the raid bar will decreasing. And golems

      After killing the raid mobs during Raid the game is crash and will close itself, the mob will gone after reopen the game but my items also gone as well (I die but respawn at spawn point instead of bed).  Some other mobs (The Iron Golem that I was tied for some reason, Creeper, Zombies and Villager) in several blocks radius from me will also disappear when the crash happening, none of us dropped any loot, but the raid bar progress still at 100%. At this point there's no Raid mob left but the Raid will restart from the beginning, waiting for it to expire is impossible.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Trigger the Raid,
      2. Kill any Raid mob,
      3. It crash,
      4. Find your grave (if you can),
      5. Repeat from 2nd step.

      If you can't reproduce the bug, then I don't why this is could happening, my lil bro also had the same issue but we was playing LAN co-op so there isn't much of issue. World we played where the bug happening was create a year ago (151.2mb of size). Screenshot is impossible to taken.


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