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      I created a new world after the nether update. I played on it about everyday since then until about a week or so ago. I tried to get some phantom membranes but was getting very little phantom spawn. After a few failed attempts at making a building that would catch phantoms I noticed that they have stopped spawning entirely. I have placed torches as far as the eye can see and also in any caverns close to the surface. I switched my gamemode to peaceful and then back to hard. Ive tried both building in my well lit base and even over a large lake. The most complicated redstone build I have is about 2 item sorters each that stretch for only about 20 blocks each but im sure that probably isn't whats causing the issue. I have tripple checked that I meet the requirements for phantoms to spawn, I even left the game on hard mode and waited an entire 24 hours in REAL LIFE just on a platform of scaffolding just to see if I get hit off and I never am. Phantoms are extinct in my world and im not sure what I did to do this. What can I do to fix this and/or prevent this from happening in any other world?  This is still happening after the latest patch.

            notalexander Samuel Jaramillo
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