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World Got Corrupted after I Reset my Xbox



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      So my world that i have 111 mb in on my Xbox and countless hours was randomly deleted after I reset my Xbox but I kept the save data and my games (I didn't reset those).


      After I try to load the world it hits me with:

      _"The world is not fully synced or has been corrupted. Try playing the world on a console where it's in a good state and try migrating it_ _again."_


      I have reset my Xbox and all of my worlds I can open fine. But for some reason I can't open this one. I have a world that is around 88 mb that I can open with all of it's data just fine but when I try to open the 111 mb world, it says the error above.


      This is a world that me and my friends recently have been playing on a lot. I know saying that we played on it for a while won't make the devs fix it faster, but we had a lot of progress on the world.


      (I've looked at other posts about issues similar to this, but I don't believe this will be a duplicate post because I got to the error in a different way that I haven't seen on this fourm.)


      EDIT: I have found the file for the world that got corrupted on my xbox but the data of the world is blocked by "SYNC.LOCK". I'm pretty sure this is because it failed with syncing so I guess the next question to ask here is:


      "How can I access the data from the world without actually syncing on the xbox?"


      Basically I'm asking if I can modify the file to let me in the world data on my Windows PC. (I already have the file copied onto my PC)




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