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Halo Mash-up pack sky box is broken really broken


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      As you can see below the sky box follows the cursor around  no matter where you look. I've re downloaded this pack 4 times and restarted the game twice as you can see in the photo this is confirmed in Please fix this it's really annoying. Thank you. 

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Fix the sky box so it fits the whole sky instead of a certain point of view of it.

      2. Go into Minecraft to see if the changes are applied.

      3. I would recommend coping the sky box graphic from legacy and just port it in and see if that works.

      4. Changes are applied and the pack is fixed thank you for your time.

      Observed Results:
       The sky box meant for the pack follows the players cursor and its really annoying. It will sometimes block the point of view.

      Expected Results:
      The sky box is just as shown in the store pictures and is applied properly to this awesome pack.

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