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    • Affects Version/s: 1.16.1
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      Windows 10 - PC


      So I was able to create a rather large bee farm. Everything was working great until one day the bees started to move around with jerking frame by frame motions. Even when I am not holding flowers, they follow me, they no longer collect pollen from flowers, even though they have done so in the recent past. Baby bees are still babies even though it has been plenty of time for them to grow, most of them just hover in one spot, stuck it seems. Since problem began, I have tried the following with no change to the issue:

      1. broke flowers, and replanted
      2. broke flowers, and replanted new ones from the wild
      3. killed a few bees just in case there were too many (I had bred about 100 give or take, now only have 30ish).
      4. while changes were being made, I consistently tried to feed and breed them with no success
      5. I even went as far as uninstalling the game client and reinstalling.
      6. I traveled to other places in the world to see if there was lag there as well, and no everything was fine in our other forts, castles, nether, end etc. Only issue I have is at the bee farm in question.
      7. Most recently killed off all but 4 bees, genocide in the name of science. This helped with the lag a bit, but they are still glitched, either staying in one spot (tried breaking blocks to see if stuck, nada) or following me regardless of whether or not I am holding flowers in hand. They follow me far, too. I walked about 1000 blocks, they were still herding after me.

      Tried attaching video of phenomenon, but exceeds limit of 10mb...


      Any enlightenment on the issue would be appreciated.




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