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Screen shakes and changes the way you’re looking rapidly and randomly (for example, you’re looking straight ahead and all of the sudden your backwards and walking off a cliff)



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    • 1.16.1, 1.16.10
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    • iOS


      This happens to me all the time , it’s very annoying. It makes it difficult to play the game and makes me want to stop playing all together. I would love for this to be fixed as it is a valid issue. Usually it happens more often the longer I play and more when I’m charging my device. My friend has had/has the same issue and we both agree that it is awfully annoying and must be fixed immediately or at least as soon as possible. So, just as a recap, the screen shakes and changes where you’re looking. Its not the best thing to happen to you when you’re trying not to get slain by mobs or just trying not to die in any situation (or really if you’re trying to do anything). I wasn’t sure what versions it could affect but I’m sure it could be any. Also, you can’t really take a screenshot of something that happens then seems to go away it would just look like the player was looking in a direction. Thanks! I really need this fixed.


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