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Lag.. just lag.. that's it, just horrible lag..


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      I am reporting this just for the sole reason of lag, you probably have seen hundreds of these things but I have a serious issue.. Or maybe my internet is just hosted by McDonalds potato wedges cooked in a toaster that was drowned in a bathtub that was found in a junkyard. I'm not too sure, I just have a really bad ping all the time.

      There's a lot of images and stuff because I'm not sure if I can explain this very well.

        1. bruh-1.png
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          Jovan Alexander Selamet
        2. my average ping-1.png
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          Jovan Alexander Selamet
        3. nice.png
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          Jovan Alexander Selamet
        4. ping so bad, the number is too high for it to display-1.png
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          Jovan Alexander Selamet
        5. Ping when I am lucky.png
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          Jovan Alexander Selamet
        6. the problem I am having with my ping-1.png
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          Jovan Alexander Selamet

            JimmyHamster067 Jovan Alexander Selamet
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