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      the maps are broken , ever since the nether update maps have not been working properly , the people in my survival world show up but the icons on the map are no where near accurate , for example me and my friend were trying to find each other by using the maps to then see on the map we were next to each other on the map but thousands of blocks away from each other, also with treasure maps this glitch happens , it shows the " X " on the map but i i get close to it i find out it further into a forest then near sand , or i will travel for 15 mins straight trying to  get to the treasure but my icon on the map doesnt move an inch, when i look around on the map it will look in the correct direction but thats all ,  also the maps don't discover location , e.g i will have the map in hand and it will not mark down the area around me it will stay blank , im not outside the radius of the map but i will be in the middle and it still wont get marked out on the map  , please fix soon i am unable to get an achieve because of this weird annoying glitch 


      sorry for the rant UwU


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