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Incorrect translation according dark oak blocks


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      The German translation for all "Dark oak" blocks is incorrect.

      • "Dark Oak Wood Stairs" is "Schwarzeichen Holztreppe" but should be "Schwarzeichenholztreppe".
      • "Dark Oak Fence" is "Schwarzeichen Holzzaun" but should be "Schwarzeichenholzzaun".
      • "Dark Oak Fence Gate" is "Schwarzeichen Holzzauntor" but should be "Schwarzeichenholzzauntor".
      • "Dark Oak Wood Planks" is "Schwarzeichen Holzbretter" but should be "Schwarzeichenholzbretter".
      • "Dark Oak Sapling" is "Schwarzeichen Setzling" but should be "Schwarzeichensetzling".
      • "Dark Oak Wood" is "Schwarzeichen Holz" but should be "Schwarzeichenholz".
      • "Dark Oak Leaves" is "Schwarzeichen Laub" but should be "Schwarzeichenlaub".
      • "Dark Oak Wood Slab" is "Schwarzeichen Holzstufe" but should be "Schwarzeichenholzstufe".

      Before you say that this is a translation issue and I should go to Crowdin, please notice that the Crowdin translations are correct since two years. Also, a Mojang employee told me via Twitter that the translation do not necessarily come from Crowdin. Only the translations for the PC edition are managed on Crowdin (sadly).

      PS: I'm sorry if this issue already exists/existed. I searched for all issues containing "Schwarzeichen Holz" or "translation" before submitting this.

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