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Game freezes for a few milliseconds every time a music or a new sound starts



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    • 1.16.1
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    • Android


      Every time a new music starts to play, the FPS rate decreases. The same thing also occurs when a sound never played before in that session, like when you first step a wooden floor for the first time of gameplay or break a stone block for the first time of the gameplay.

      This only occurs at the first time, and in heavy maps. If you cause the sound to play more times, it'll not freeze more, like if the song is now in cache or something.

      How to reproduce

      • Open the game and enter a heavy world
      • Start to play normally; note the game freezes every time a new music starts
      • Experiment to break a block of dirt, stone and wood, and note the game freezes at the start of doing those actions
      • Also experiment another songs, like water splashes or footsteps in different materials.

      How do I know it's the sounds and not something else?

      • I play on Android, where the music files are not installed by default. When I download the pack from Marketplace, the lag starts in-game. The only way I found to prevent this was deleting Music folder at resorce_packs, and it stopped the lag.




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