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Cannot see end crystals in split screen



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      Ever since 1.16 came, it was harder for me to defeat the ender dragon. You know why? Cause there are NO END CRYSTALS!!! Ok there were, there was fire but the person on the split screen, usually me, can't see them. Also I kept on getting hit for random reasons. YOU KNOW WHY? THE ENDER DRAGON WAS INVISIBLE! How am I supposed to beat the game without seeing the ender dragon?!!! I want to respawn the ender dragon, and with the invisible ender dragon, I won't be able to actually see when it respawns, but also PLUS THE FACT THAT I CANT SEE THOSE BEAMS OF LIGHT THAT RESPAWN THE CRYSTALS (which I cant see either) SO I HAVE NO CLUE WHEN THE ENDERĀ  DRAGON IS THERE OR NOT. Thats why some people say I'm noob at killing the ender dragon and I keep dying, BUT THATS BECAUSE I CANT SEE THE BOSS! Imagine the ender dragon was invisible to everyone (actually that would be pretty cool), that would be pretty hard. Just play 1.16 on console with split screen and boom you can't see almost everything in the end. (That was supposed to be the steps to reproduce.)


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