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Lava spawns fire on blocks that the lava isn't adjacent to



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    • 0.11.1
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    • Phone - Android - Motorola Moto X


      NOTES: I have the original, 1st gen (2013) Moto X, NOT the latest 2nd gen (2014) Moto X, so I can't update to Android 5.1 yet 😩. Also, I searched the bug tracker, & I only found 1 issue remotely like this one, MCPE-2722. But unlike this one, it was in a version before 0.9.0 & the moderator who replied said "This does not appear to be a bug" when there obviously WAS a bug!

      Whenever one enters a village with a smithy, if they do it fast enough, they can see the smithy building intact. But if one waits a little bit by the smithy, they will hear fire burning. They can observe that none of the blocks immediately adjacent to the smithy's lava pool are flammable, because they are all cobblestone. One can then look behind the house & can see some fire on the dirt maybe. Then, there will be flames outside &/or inside. This fire will quickly turn out of control of any player who has just spawned. The only way to prevent the fire from ever happening is to destroy the lava, which we all know is NONRENEWABLE. This does not happen in the PC Edition. PLEASE DO NOT BE LIKE THE MOD WHOM I DESCRIBED.


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