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Minecart sound heard from very far away.



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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Build a minecart track loop with enough activated powered rails to keep a minecart variant perpetually running.
      2. Place a minecart variant on the track start it running.
      3. Turn volume all the way up.
      4. Fly high up in the sky and listen for the minecart sound.
      5. Come back down.
      6. Fly out vertically and listen for the minecart sound.

      Expected results

      After 16-32 blocks distance you would no longer hear the minecart sound. (Per comment on MCPE-101200 minecarts can only be heard about 16 blocks away in Java Edition.)

      Actual results

      You can hear the minecart running to an infinite distance vertically (I tested 1000 blocks) and within 4 chunks horizontally.

      Code analysis

      Minecart sound has no setting for maximum distance in the vanilla sound\sound_definitions.json. It appears that the 4-chunk horizontal range is a default because I tested on Sim6. This bug can be fixed by simply adding "max_distance" : 16.0, to the "minecart.base" section of sound_definitions.json. I have attached a resource pack with the fix: Minecart sound range fix.mcpack

      When minecarts are set in motion, they produce a loud sound. But even when you go up 128 blocks into the sky, you can still hear them.




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