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When joining local server multiplayer, the joining player is floating and cannot move.



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 0.11.1
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      Phone - Android - Samsung Galaxy Note


      Tested using Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note 8 and Ipad 3. All using came MPE version. Uninstalled and reinstalled also rebooted all devices.

      Issue: When joining a local server multiplay, the joining character can only see the sky and the other player (you can look around but cannot move). The other player is generally seen at a distance and is vibrating. If at night you only see stars.

      The hosting player can see you but you are floating above the ground.

      Some times after a few seconds the world populates and the game function as normal (sometimes with bad lag). Other times you join the game but loose all your inventory, and some times the world never generates and you have to drop out/in numerous times to get it to work.

      Also now tested the following...

      created new maps in both survival and creative mode on note 8. Both show same issue
      created new maps in both survival and creative mode on note 4. Both show same issue.


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