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New village-spawned iron golems are hostile after player kills previous iron golems


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      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Attack and kill a Golem that was spawned by a village.
      2. Kill all the other Golems that the village spawned (if necessary).
      3. Wait until new Golems are spawned.

      Observed Results:
      The new spawned Golems turns hostile towards the player (and they keep hostile even in Peaceful mode).

      Expected Results:
      The new spawned Golems should be neutral towards the players.

      Original Description:

      A few seconds after being spawned (by a village) and when I get close to them, they get hostile towards me with no reason.

      Edit 1: I left the Iron Golem kill me and after respawning he continued hostile.

      Edit 2: If the Iron Golem is hostile towards me, and change the game to Peaceful, the Iron Golem keeps hostile.

      Edit 3: During a Raid and after winning it, the Golems became neutral. I killed one of the Golems and all the others became hostile. After killing all of them, the new spawned Golems started attacking me with no reason again.

      Edit 4: After my game closed, because my internet connection has stopped, they became neutral again.

      Edit 5: After a few hours not being detected by the Golems, they became completely neutral.

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