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Having a repeating command block set the game difficulty, causes extreme entity lag



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      Nintendo Switch


      Attachment Video Provided - Please watch if you're not going to read the rest of the report


      How to Reproduce
      1. /give yourself a command block
      2. Place the command block down and make it a repeating command block with either a redstone source block or have it set to 'always active'
      3. Set a game difficulty within the command block


      Recently I was trying to play a map called Crazy Chunk Survival on the Nintendo Switch I started in 1.14.6, but wanted to start over in 1.16. But, when trying to play I was getting extreme entity lag from mobs and from tile drops. I poked around with the maps commands and found that when having a repeating command block set a difficulty it causes this lag to occur. I tried having a command block set the difficulty repeat on one of my worlds and sure enough this caused the mentioned lag.

      This bug is VERY problematic for marketplace maps that do this. I've tested this on other platforms but this only happens on the Nintendo Switch.


      To all switch players who encounter this on a map or something try to locate where the maps command blocks are and disable the repeating command block that sets a difficulty. But you might not be able to or you won't be able to go into creative because the map won't allow you too which is why this is a CRITICAL ISSUE




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