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Game freezing(lag) in the rendering of the world after update 1.16



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      I play minecraft bedrock via crossplay with friends from the phone, at 1.14.60 (Stable), we played without any problems (related to lag), but after update 1.16, the nether update, we all started to have freezes (lag) in the game, this only happens when exploring areas of the map that have not yet been explored, or Re-exploring areas that have already been explored. The server is hosted on my pc where I will leave the settings below.

      Note: In addition to getting stuck in the game, there is a significant impact on the computer that even affects discord, and other programs.
      I also have the Java minecraft, and with it I can run at more than 200fps smoothly.
      All videos were recorded with Radeon ReLive (except for the video renamed with Microsoft DVR)

      *Friends who play on the phone say that it is impossible to play when they try to explore new environments, the game is around 10 fps (this happens to everyone, who are a total of 5 people)

      Note: Not is Lag of internet, is really freezing. before this update this never happened, and I see a lot of complaints about.

      My pc settings:

      -MSI H110M PRO-VH-PLUS (MS-7A15)
      -Intel Core I3 6100 3.70GHz
      -12Gb DDR4 2133mhz
      -SSD 120gb Crucial
      -HD 320Gb Samsung
      -Radeon R7 370 Strix 4GB




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