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i went to mine (left chunk) came back and they gone



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      i found a village settled started getting more villagers went to go mine and all the new vilagers where just gone when i came back to the chunk (i think its called) . the boxes i had got into and re-aranged things in where back to as they where , so i breed some more .... after leaving and coming back there gone too. now a really cool village i had built up has only one villager the iron glaom i made thinking they where (dieing) to protect them is gone too ! nothing is killing them as far as i can see they go to bed so do i before anything spons in and they never come out some doors are open that i know where closed and im not seeing the "sparkles" that says when a villagers ties to a bed or work place i have seen the "un-happy puffs" as a work place disconnets from a villager or a villager cant get to it and does something diffrent so i know there desponing now im trying to get some from another village please please please put fixxing this some where around the top of your guy's list of things to look into and fix thank you for your time in reading this bug report




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