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Minecraft crashes when i am mining with a efficiency 5 pickaxe



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.16.0
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      So the first time i was playing in the nether and while mining the game crashed i tought that was because the new nether update the next time happened the same but when i rejoin the game after crashed i was dead and all my stuff was gone i deleted that world because i had a full pickaxe enchant (fortune, effi, umbreak, mending all max levels) and i lose it in an unfair way so i created a new world and i farmed books fishing for like one day and i made another same pickaxe and while i was mining the same happened and i figure it isnt have to be with the nether world the same happened in the normal world is the pickaxe maybe the 5 effi enchant is too fast for the new update, this is a new bug never happened to me before, i cant show a screenschot because my ps4 always froze and kick me of the game you know with the usual message (and error ocurred etc with the blue screen), the problem isnt the crash is the thing that in one of those crash happened like i mentioned before the game respawn me dead and i couldnt recover my stuff was lose forever the dead screen even wasnt show my items near like usual, so this already happend to me 3 times in the new world but at leats when i rejoin i am live and with my stuff but i dont know if this is going to last, so thank to that now i am afraid to mine and you know what, mine is one of the most common thing to do in MINEcraft, sorry if my english isnt very good i usually talk spanish




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