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Fast elytra flight may cause you to get stuck in midair



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      Before the 1.16 update, fast elytra flight could get you killed but now, it's fixed. But, another bug has arisen in its place. I noticed while flying super fast with an elytra, usually with Riptide through rain, that you'll stop a lot and not be able to move to the left, right, forwards, and backward. The only directions you could move was upward and downward. Then after a short ten-second delay, you'll be able to fly again. Flying super fast with the Riptide in method becomes much slower than fireworks because of how often this will happen and how long it happens.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      • Wear an Elytra and have a trident enchanted with Riptide (any level will work) while it's raining
      • Throw the trident repeatedly while flying in the rain

      Observed Results:
      Throwing a Riptide trident through rain repeatedly while in elytra flight may sometimes cause you to be stuck in the x and y coordinate but will be able to fly upward and downward. This bug can last from two through thirty seconds, maybe even longer! You don't take damage while in this bug.

      Expected Results:

      You shouldn't hit any invisible walls while in elytra flight, whether the chunks are loaded in or not. (The chunks ahead have always been loaded while trying it)


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