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Ghasts Spawn only at low light levels. Ghast Farms broken.


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      Between 1.14 and 1.16, Ghasts were changed internally from being a "Mob" to being a "Monster". By default, monsters only spawn when the light level is low. (This is hardcoded in the game and cannot be changed by json-based spawning rules).

      Expected Behavior: Ghasts spawn at all light levels.

      Actual Behavior: Ghasts only spawn if the light level is below 8.

      Consequence: Portal-based ghast farms no longer work because portals emit light.

      Demo world: Press a button to switch from a netherwart block floor to a shroomlight floor.

      How to fix: Add a Ghast::isDarkEnoughToSpawn() function that always returns true. Example code below. This wasn't needed before when Ghasts were Mobs, but now is needed because they are Monsters.

      virtual bool Ghast::isDarkEnoughToSpawn() const override {
           return true;

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