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Crafting Table recipes gone since Nether Update



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      Since the Nether Update, 1.16, came out, my friend and I can not see the crafting recipes in the crafting table, nor the crafting inventory. Before the update, we simply needed to hover over the item and it would show us exactly what items were needed to make the item. It does have everything the same, where it shows what is available to craft, meaning we have every item needed, along with the things we can craft that we do not have all items for. But, when I hover over the item, whether I can craft it or not, whether it is in the crafting table or my inventory crafting, the recipe items do not appear at all, so if I do not know the recipe, then it will be difficult to create the item without simply looking it up, which no one really wants to do. Along with this, which I feel is some kind of feature that is simply tedious, is when I go to craft an item, such as the crafting table, all my items for that recipe "disappear" from my inventory and are put into the crafting grid. For example, if I have 8 pieces of wood planks, and I go to craft a crafting table, instead of simply keeping my wood in whatever inventory slot I had it in, it takes the extra planks and puts them in the grid as if I put them in there myself instead of simply clicking one of the buttons on the left to instant craft the item. And, I assume because of this, if I have any empty spaces in my hotbar, which is often, then those items that were placed in the grid are then moved in my most left open hotbar space, which is especially annoying since I have everything set up a certain way, i.e. my cobblestone, or whatever block I use to quick build when exploring, is moved from my third last hotbar space over to a different space, then I have to move it back every single time I craft something using that block, such as a furnace if I need to smelt while I am in a cave mining, so I craft a furnace to smelt, and my extra cobblestone is moved to a different slot. I even organize the rest of my inventory, but it keeps switching around anytime I need to craft anything. If you want to keep this as a setting, you need to at least add a setting where we can customize things like this to our liking, such as being able to turn off that auto-fill grid thing, among other things. Games are normally ruined because companies take away features that people like to change them out how they want, and no one wants to play a game where a feature they liked is taken out because the creators simply said so, which ends up making it harder and annoying.


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