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Villagers constantly opening doors



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      More complex summary

      When villagers are obstructed by multiple doors, they will keep opening a door, no-matter how far they are (unless out of simulation distance). Also, they will stop when killed, but only after the body despawns.

      How to reproduce bug


      Initially, create a setup where there are two zombies standing alone a few blocks away from each other (make sure there is a block above their heads). Next, go a block or two away from the zombie and make a three wide platform of solid blocks, repeat for both sides (make sure they are facing inward). After that, create a bridge of glass between the platforms. Finally, place doors on every glass block including one of the edges of a solid one. For help with this setup look at the images provided.



      Make sure this is high up to prevent villagers path-finding to the ground.


      Step One: Summon or spawn a villager on the solid block with the door on.


      Step Two: If the villager gets stuck opening the door ahead of it, simply teleport is to a cage a few blocks away. If the villager acts as normal, hit it away from the doors and teleport it into a cage.


      Expected result: 

      The door does not change at all seeing as the villager is far away from it.


      Actual Result:

      You will see it keeps opening, try to close it and you will see you can't. Also, you will constantly hear the door opening sound.



      I have attached the necessary screenshots and a testing world for this bug in the hope that someone might send me a video I can include in the attachments.




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