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Intermittent boat bug - falls into coast


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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • 0.11.0 Beta 14
    • 0.11.0 Beta 8, 0.11.0 Beta 9
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    • Phone - Android - Motorola Moto G

      As requested created new bug as MCPE-8195 has been closed.


      • Put a boat close to the coast (this is on seed "b9" facing south ... but direction may have nothing to do with it)
      • earlier betas I could trigger this by rowing into the coast ... may still be possible
      • exit game
      • open game again
      • row forward
      • fall into block (roughly 1 in 20 goes)

      Mitigating Factors

      • before mob falling bug was fixed, boat used to fall to bedrock level
      • you can slowly row back out of block - boat pops back to surface
      • in survival boat may get damage and disappear - I have not tried.


      • view from inside boat
      • view of boat inside block
      • view when coming back out of block


      • Sometimes I cannot trigger this however often I try - I get more joy on a new world
      • it may need a two deep coast zone to allow it to trigger.

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