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Why not get notifications of achievements


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      Hello, very good, I would like to know why there are no notifications when the achievements in minecraft mobile are fulfilled, and seeing that in the PC version a notification appears in the upper left telling them that they have already made achievements, and I would like to ask if there are some way that the same thing appears in mobile minecraft, because the truth I feel that it is pleasant when one fulfills an achievement and the notification that has done that achievement comes out, instead and noticed that it does not come out like this, I do the achievement and well as if nothing and I miss, there needs to be notifications that way, or at least also that the achievements were without the internet, I know that xbox gives the notification, but for me that is not the same as the app itself while you play says you have already accomplished an achievement. So I would like to know what they can do about it, or why that does not appear.

      Thank you very much for your attention.

            WiliGamer Wilian Perez
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