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Non block items can’t be used when aiming at a block with a right click action even when sneaking


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      The Bug

      When you are looking at a block that has a right click action, like crafting table, dispenser, furnace, note block etc. (bell is not affected, because of MCPE-56968) you can’t use items in your hand, because you will interact with the block you are looking, which is intended. When you are sneaking you are supposed to be able to use the item in your hand even when looking at a block with a right click action.
      However this only applies to blocks and not other items, like bows, tridents etc. So if you are for example looking at a crafting table and sneak, you will place the block, when right clicking, but if you are holding a bow, nothing will happen, when right clicking.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Look at the crafting table
      2. Sneak
      3. Hold a block and right click, you will place the block
      4. Break the block
      5. Hold a bow and press right click, you won’t use the bow even though you are sneaking. Nothing happened at all when right clicking.

      Expected result: You will use the bow when right clicking while holding the bow and looking at the crafting table when sneaking.

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