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Constant crashing of world and backups due to corruption



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      I am dealing with an issue where my Survival world sometimes kicks me out due to "corruption in the world". It says to try again or load a backup. Usually when I try to go back in after this, I get booted immediately for the same reason. Sometimes I get the "could not load world" error screen. 

      The temp fix so far has been to Rebuild the Database by turning off the PS4 and going into Safe Mode. But sometimes this fix does not work. I've lost a few versions of the world indefinitely, as they fail to load. At this point I have about 9 different saves in this world, some are very far in the past, most are recent. Most of them do not work, but I keep them around in case they'll work after a Rebuild. They do occasionally work after a few tries. If I get in, I'm usually fine. I've only been kicked out due to corruption twice after being in the world longer than a minute.

      I love this world, as my friends and family have all built something in there and we've collectively spent countless hours hanging out, especially because we are all social distancing for safety. But now I have no motivation to build anything, because I don't know when this version is going to self-destruct. It feels like every backup is just a ticking time bomb. Please help me fix this issue, I'm not sure what is causing it but it's making me disappointed in Minecraft. 

      For context, my Creative World and backup have had no issues, and I created a new Survival world that I've built in for a few days (but nothing major) - and this world has had no issues either. Just my most important world is affected.

      Attached: First picture is a world that I recorded going into - that file was too big, but I get the "unable to load world" when I try to go back in. The next pictures are all I see for just a few seconds before I get the last error "Disconnected due to world corruption". Sometimes there is lots of pink and black splattered about like bad tie dye


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