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Render distance changed to 128, along with massive lag and RAM usage


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      Game framerate dropped significantly with RAM usage steadily increasing even while remaining stationary. Occurred in the overworld, most often by castle (see picture)  despite not having any redstone processes active or large mob counts on the surface (underground counts were unknown). Game seemed to perform well while in the Nether.

      Potential culprit: Render distance slider in video settings was in the lowest position but was set to 128 chunk render distance. Manipulating the slider bumped the number back into the normal range and the memory usage dropped down to 4.9 GB  for a 48 chunk render distance. Restarting the game now has it running at 2.6 GB Memory for 48 Chunk render distance.

      Issue was first observed after updating to 27 May 20 NVidia Driver. Have been unable to replicate.


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