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Using speech-to-text to enter text crashes MCPE



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      This issue may be invalid for a non-standard input method, but I thought I'd submit it anyways.

      What happened: Using the speech-to-text feature of the keyboard crashed the game immediately after replacing (or appending to) whatever text was in the text box with the text I had spoken.

      What I expected to happen: Using speech-to-text would either be disabled or would enter the text I had spoken and continue to allow me to enter text.

      To enter text by speech, I enabled "Google voice typing" in "Language and Input" in my Samsung Galaxy S4's settings. This is a speech-to-text keyboard that is accessible through the microphone button in the bottom left of your regular QWERTY (or other format) keyboard. It works fine for me on my phone everywhere except MCPE, which it crashes every time

      This crash occurs whenever entering text by speech into any of:

      1. The name of a new world
      2. The seed of a new world
      3. An external server name
      4. An external server address
      5. An external server port
      6. Options --> player name
      7. Message dialog

      I could not identify a version for "Google Voice Typing" but it's as up-to-date as possible using my default language English (Canada). It may be part of Google Search & Now version It seems to be the standard voice-to-text software on my device.

      Could someone please test Siri on an iDevice?
      Could someone please test this in multiplayer to see if it is user or game affecting? (play nice and don't try it on a large public server!)


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