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Rewards in dungeon chests and various structures



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      Excuse me, I'm having a problem regarding the lut of the bastion chests and more structure that I've been exploring lately. In the previous update to this everything was packed well I was exploring a structure and at the same time just before opening the bastion treasure chests I decided to create a backup to see the lut and everything was fine until later when I checked that there was A new update updates the game and when I went back to the game I realized that in my original world the luts had disappeared from the bastion chests as well as in the copies that I also made all the luts were erased except for a lut that in instead of erasing it stayed like that and even in the different copies it did not change they were all the same.And as the lut of that bastion was erased, the luts of all the other structures that I found and more treasure chests like that I would like to know when they will correct these errors please and thank you for your attention. All this happens in survival and not only in the old worlds but also new ones. I already checked in advance


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