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Continuous re-spawn in lava



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    • 0.10.4
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    • Tablet - iOS - iPad Air 2


      Sometimes you will re-spawn after you die, permanently embedded in lava.

      The issue mainly occurs if you have dug down deep but not all the way to bedrock. If you die, there is a chance that you will appear in lava.

      The best way to replicate this issue is to join a multiplayer game, go down deep in their tunnel. "Quit to title" and re join the game. Most likely you will either appear on the surface or embedded in lava. If you appeared in lava you will only re-spawn in lava.

      Workaround: Remove app from the device, reinstall and reconnect. You will lose all of your stuff, but you are no longer dead!

      Workaround does not work if you are the host and find your self stuck in lava permanently. Game is unrecoverable.

      Host duplication steps:

      1) Dig a deep stairwell
      2) "Quit to title" to save the game
      3) Go into game and dig a new tunnel going sideways.
      4) Put down a furnace in the new tunnel and replicate the Furnace Crash issue by removing source items from an active furnace
      5) Restart game. Appear embedded in rock because information is lost.
      6) Re-spawn. Appear either in lava or appear on the surface
      7) If you appear on the surface, dig deeper or further sideways until you are over a lava pit. Repeat 3 to 6.


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