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Username/Player Name Glitch


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      I'm expereiencing an issue regarding profile usernames when not connected to a Microsoft/xBox account. This was present in the update before the recent hotfix, and the current update.

      When I create a new world (any mode), my username does not show. When I press menu to see who is on my world, the space where the name used to be is blank. Additionally, when I attempt to use cheat templates, the name does not show in the prompts. For example, to teleport, one presses teleport, then selects who, however this shows a blank name box and results in a syntax error.

      Interestingly, when others join my world (via LAN), they also loose their usernames whilst connected to my world. Upon joining, the message " joined the game" is shown, and the menu reveals the right amount of players, with no usernames. This makes using cheats and keeping track of the chat function quite difficult. However, if I join their worlds (all use iOS 13 on iPhone or iPad), the username glitch is not present for any of us: everything works as intended in this area, even for me. This leads me to believe it may be a problem with my device or platform.

      So far, I have tried restarting both Minecraft and my device, clearing cache, changing my username and skin, signing in and out of a Microsoft Account (which works as a temporary measure, though I do not intend to play through any account), and deleting and reinstalling the app several times, all to no avail.

      Whilst this glitch is an inconvenience, I do not regard it as urgent or serious, though I do hope you will be able to resolve it swiftly.

      Thanks for your time.

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