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Caves Don't Generate In Custom Biomes With Custom Blocks



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    • Affects Version/s: Beta, Beta, 1.17.10, Beta, 1.17.1 Hotfix, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, 1.16.220, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, 1.14.60 Hotfix, 1.16.201 Hotfix, 1.16.210, 1.16.221 Hotfix, 1.17.0
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      When creating custom biomes that use custom blocks as the terrain, caves will not generate through them, meaning to get caves to generate, we have to use stone and dirt and then run multiple iterations of a ore placement that replaces the dirt and stone with the desired blocks. Which causes a lot of lag when generating the biome because of how many iterations are needed to replace all the blocks.

      It'd be nice to have a way to force the cave generation, if not in the 1.16 releases, at least with 1.17.

      Note that this also affects vanilla blocks, such as magma.

      Update #2:

      • While the new caves generate through custom blocks. The foundation material in custom biomes only reaches to layer 51. Not sure if we'll be able to make custom cave biomes to fix this or if this is a bug.


      • I'll assume this is now related to the new cave carver features, when a cave enters a biome with custom blocks, there is just a vertical wall rather than the continuation of the cave.

      Steps To Reproduce:

      1. Download and install the attached pack
      2. Create a new world with experimental features on (Caves and Cliffs optional)
      3. Teleport yourself to 0 90 0 if the biome isn't immediately seen
      4. Try and find caves in the custom blocks / magma

      Expected Results:

      • Caves generate through all blocks (or there's at least an option to force caves through blocks using the cave carvers)

      Actual Behavior:

      • Caves don't generate through most blocks, requiring severely laggy workarounds to get caves with custom blocks.





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