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Coral Fans Cannot be placed on Waterlogged Stairs or Slabs and Remain Alive



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      I understand that Java edition and Bedrock edition have many intentional differences although I noticed one that appears unintentional recently. Whenever a coral block or plant is placed anywhere but water it remains alive for a few seconds before dying as usual although Coral fans die immediately upon being placed above water. This seems wrong considering only the fans die right away, although this remains an issue as when a coral fan is placed on a waterlogged slab or staircase it yet again dies immediately despite its block and plant counterparts remaining alive indefinitely when atop a waterlogged slab or stair. I am aware that in Java edition, all coral blocks, plants, and fans can survive atop a waterlogged slab or stair and in Bedrock as well, but for some reason in 1.14.6 only the coral fans can't be placed on a waterlogged slab or stair. Hopefully this feature is added as it appears intended with the current feature being available for for coral plants and blocks.


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