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[Switch] Crash EVERY TIME the console goes to portable mode during local multiplayer



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      When in TV mode or Tabletop mode (without joycon attacched) switching to Portable Mode (WITH joycon attacched), a crash occurs wich says "Software was closed due to an error" (or something, in italian "Il software รจ stato chiuso a causa di un errore").

      Steps to reproduce:
      1) Tabletop mode: play locally with two player split-screen (I have played with a joycon pair and a pro controller both official)
      2) Connect another pair of joycon attaching those to the console. (To play 3 players split-screen) The error can occur even now.
      3) Detach the joycons... the error occurs

      Similar steps but in TV Mode:
      1) Start the game in TV Mode: two players are playing splitscreen (joycon pair 1 and pro controller).
      2) A joycon pair 2 is attacched to the switch console.
      3) Going into Portable Mode raises the error again.

      Even with only 2 players:
      1) Start the game in tabletop mode / TV MODE: play in a world alone with joycons.
      2) Add a second player (Pro controller / other joycons)
      3) Attach one of the joycon of player 1 (and go to portable mode) ... error.

      The game should do a synchronization with controllers with the current number of players instead of crashing.




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