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Ender Dragon Kills Me in less than one second even with armour/totem of undying



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      Yesterday (May 8th) I was in the end with my friend attempting to kill the Ender Dragon. All was going well until suddenly I get hit by his breath/spit (not quite sure which one) and am killed instantly even with my full diamond and totem of undying. I go back, get my stuff, and continue fighting. Eventually we kill him, but as he dies we both get knocked into a attack that he launched moments before he was killed. Then, a second time, me and my friend get insta-killed by his attack with no way to survive. Neither of us got the achievement which was extremely discouraging as we did indeed kill the dragon. We didn't even get the achievement for going in the end. This is a extremely irritating bug which ruins speed runs, seemingly gets rid of achivements and causes you to lose all the exp you just got for killing the dragon. It says this bug is resolved but it is so obviously not, as many players are still being affected by it. I would include a screenshot but this bug is happens very quickly and is quite hard to recreate.




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