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Tap Crafting Table when you have no items crashes the game


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      Build 3, survival mode, Android 4.4.2 Samsung Galaxy S4 (stock)

      Open a crafting table to the crafting tab when you have insufficient items in your inventory for the suggestion box (the left dark grey area) to make even one suggestion of what you can (or are close to being able to) build. You can tell you are here because the message under the crafting grid says "You need to collect blocks to craft!". Tap the 3x3 crafting grid and the game crashes. Tapping anywhere else doesn't do anything.

      Reproducible in a new survival game by finding a tree, punching out a block of wood, convert to 4 plank, convert to crafting table, place table, activate table, tap 3x3 grid, crash.

      Try again in a new survival world, punch out two blocks of wood, make 1 into a crafting table. With the other item in inventory, there are suggestions in the crafting area I can't crash the game. Exit the crafting table, drop the 2nd wood, go back into the table, click twice on the grid... crash.

      I've confirmed that this also works on the stone cutter and your "internal" 2x2 crafting grid whenever the suggestion area is empty.

      Easiest way to reproduce is start a new survival game, open your crafting inventory and tap the 2x2 crafting grid to crash the game.

      Let me know how to copy a stack trace from the Android Error Feedback and I'll add it.

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