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Stained glass pane iron bars item frames Grindstone soul and regular lanterns


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      Glass panes iron bars Grindstone item frames soul Lantern regular Lantern soul torch and a regular torches Banner pressure plate redstone torch string these blocks do not connect to the walls blocks along with the Bell block do not connect correctly to all wall blocks also chess Hopper anvil shulker boxes enchanting table blogs like those also do not connect to any of the wall blocks Beacon does not connect lectern as well cauldron does not connect as well glow stone does not connect as well all slabs do not connect to any walls either all doors do not connect with the walls all fences do not connect to all walls sea pickles do not connect to walls either conduits do not connect either stonecutters do not connect either End Portal frames do not connect either sea lantern does not connect either all mob heads do not connect either all signs do not connect all pumpkins do not connect either all Staind glass blocks do not connect either all types of leaves do not connect either

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