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LAN game kicks other players out when using MakeCode



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.14.60 Hotfix
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      Windows 10 - PC


      When I use MakeCode in a single player game everything works fine.  (I can /connect and build anything I've set up in MakeCode as expected).

      I run into problems when trying to use MakeCode in a LAN game. I have two PCs sharing a world on a LAN. I am able to run MakeCode and put together various blocks of code. Shortly after I press the green play button and do whatever (chat command/fly/sprint etc) to activate the code it disconnects me from the LAN world (that's if I am on the PC NOT hosting the world - if I am hosting the LAN game and run MakeCode on the same PC, it kicks the other client player out).

      After being kicked out, if I then reconnect to the LAN game and press the green play button again, sometimes it allows me to use the MakeCode commands in MineCraft correctly and that works for quite a long time with big/small structures, no problem. After this, when I go back to MakeCode and press stop and alter my MakeCode coding blocks it kicks me out as soon as I try to use the new code in the world again.

      To get around this at the moment, I have to adjust my MakeCode coding blocks, press play, get kicked off the LAN server, reconnect to the LAN server, press play in MakeCode again, use the MakeCode command/action and repeat the process again. It works fine and as expected while not on a LAN game, but whenever I use MakeCode along with the LAN, it consistently kicks the other computer out (the one not hosting the LAN game) pretty much as soon as MakeCode code is to be executed (it usually works fine while running around in the world, but if I have a code that runs "on player fly", for example, as soon as I try fly it disconnects me.  Then on the next reconnect I press the green play button in MakeCode and then when I then fly it executes the MakeCode fine until I stop and adjust something in MakeCode again. This happens with both big and small builds (e.g. a 2x2 block of TNT or 50x50 block = same result).

      Is there a way/setting to resolve this?




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