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    • Affects Version/s: 0.9.0 Build 1
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      v0.9.0 alpha build 1 BETA TESTING June 09


      *sometimes(when naming the world) the immersive mode will mess up on the start screen covering over the app

      *When clicking a world to play it, it will sometime(or always) crash the app

      *(sometimes)when creating a world either after hitting the create button the loading screen of building the world will stop and the loading bar will stop moving or after hitting the create button before the app gets the building world screen the app will complete freeze making it impossible to exit app causing the user to shut down device. Also after the app has a failed attempt of creating a world it will show the world on the start screen with "0 MB" on the right.

      *new stones mined will turn into regular cobblestone

      *"View Distance" control has a major effect on certain graphics and textures:
      Such as water turning black, sky turning white, world becoming grey, and mobs having a blue texture(occasionally dropped objects aswell).
      tall grass will have a lower view distance than most other objects

      *with certain woods when you try to make planks the result will be a different wood plank.(dark oak wood making acacia planks)

      *when submerging into the water the sky will darken creating the sky to flicker darker when swimming

      *wolves will sometimes not be able to be tamed, black collar might show up but the wolf will not follow you.

      *major issues with doors:
      doors not making closing and opening sounds
      a half of the door will open and close while the other half stays
      weird glitch showdow inside open door

      *major issues with sounds:
      doors not making sounds(sometimes; might depend of character position)
      mobs not making sounds(sometimes)
      baby animal mobs making adult mob noises
      when you break an item underwater an the ojbect hits the bottom it makes a "water splash" sounds
      sometimes no ice breaking sound

      *villages might not "fully" render; houses might look unfinished(only one wall of a building will be built or no floor)

      *ore blocks might spawn on the surface or rarely on a tree

      *snow texture will show inbetween blocks

      *(random) clear floor

      *vines on normal oak trees

      *snow stays in mid-air when leaves underneath is broken.

      *superflat world will render a square outline

      *lava touching water:
      nothing happens or just no obsidian

      *major tnt exploding issues(sometimes):
      tnt around melons
      tnt causing clear floor
      not being able to blow up other objects(placed dirt)
      blowing up certain objects(powered rail) causing the app the crash, app freeze to where it is impossible to exit causing user to shut down phone, app will crash and when reopen of the same world will go back to right before the tnt explodes and causing the app to crash again(repeating) making this world impossible to ever be playable again.

      *silver fish get stuck in tall grass

      *nether reactor issues

      *REALLY tall grass

      *enderman flicker invisible or enderman is teleporting in the same spot

      *red sand will change color when it falls

      *two doors in one

      *over spawn of melons, tall grass, saplings

      *instances of spiders flying straight upward

      *mushroom growing on fallen tree

      *not given option to burn wood for charcoal

      *flying over clouds can make them a bit glitchy

      *sand doesnt have a random spawn there is a pattern

      *if spawn point is not set from a bed, then spawn point is the exact moment before death instead of original spawn point when first build of world

      *mobs dont spawn in caves/underground but will on surface.

      *instances of game "slowing down" or getting "laggy"

      *if standing in lava, in first-person view it will show player on fire. in third-person view player is not on fire

      *in first-person there is no problem hitting a mob but in third-person hitting mob seems to never happen

      *in minecraft chat uses the voice recognition crashes the app

      *holding down on the touch-pad for two seconds the view starts to shake

      *the particals of breaking a tall grass is normal(green particals) but when you break a supertall grass the particals are grey.

      *plant textures(growing wheat) are a bit "glitchy" looking

      *placing a block next to cactus will break the entire cactus


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