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Villagers open and close iron doors



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      I wanted to fortify my village by replacing wooden doors with iron doors, and installing a redstone system that I could activate every door with a single lever next to the bell, for instant access during raids. The idea of this project excited me. After thorough preparation and plan drafting, I began braking ground. I installed the first section of the system, which connected to the library and two houses on the extremity of the village. The doors opened and closed perfectly— until the librarian villager entered the library while the doors were open, and closed the door behind him. After realizing that door was closed, he exited via the second door— two blocks next to the door he entered— and proceeded to effortlessly close that as well, leaving him locked out of the library. I tried placing the doors sideways, but that locked him out indefinitely, whether he was inside or outside. I observed two other villagers opening and closing the doors after I reset them; a fully-grown villager entered and closed the door, and a young villager actually opened the door and closed it behind him.

      I lost a lot of motivation to play as soon I realized my project wasn't going to work. I'm glad I only installed one small section, and not the entire system before I caught this bug. I would really love to have the comfort of knowing my villagers are safe from zombies and pillagers, but this prevents that from happening. I still love Minecraft. Please fix this. Thanks a bunch everyone! 


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