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Dispenser Bone Meal on Grass Block


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      When a dispenser fires bone meal on a grass block, game crashes.  to reproduce: place dispenser facing into grass block with bone meal inside and press button next to dispenser. Note game crashes. expected result: plants tall grass and flowers result: game crash.   I needed some flowers in my Minecraft Bedrock Edition Realm. I decided to try to make a flower farm, where a dispenser shoots bone meal on grass on a shifting floor. I shot the bone meal and my game froze and crashed as soon as I pressed the button! Everyone else on the realm crashed also!! Then I logged back in and we had lost 10 minutes of progress. I progressed back to that point, tried again thinking it was a one time thing, then everything locked up again! Lost 3 more minutes of progress then gave up on flower farm. Later, I was doing testing in Creative to see if it was a global glitch or just my realm, but my game crashed in Creative too when I pressed the button wired to the dispenser. It didn't matter if the dispenser was on the side or the bottom of the grass block.

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