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      I don't know exactly what version of Minecraft this is but I'm on Bedrock ps4. Every damn time there's a raid the first wave is fine than all other waves after that are no one where to be seen lost in the caves below my house. I'm not going digging around anymore trying to find them. I tried the bell I tried the golems but I can't find and even if I did it wouldn't be worth it. This is a pretty big bug and really annoying where I'm done playing the game till next update to fix all these bugs. I just hear the horn too as they won't go away but I'm not going digging for them. I read up that they spawn on grass or sand or something and I covered up all holes in my chunk with my villagers and by my house and they're still spawning underground. I know I'm not the first one to report this either. Over there and Mojang you should really fix this bc it's ridiculous. You add a feature to the game that doesn't even work. I'm done until I see a new update fixing these bugs. 

            Spaceape941 Thomas James
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