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Bees in Beehives and Bee Nests despawn when a Realms world is downloaded to Windows 10 Bedrock and Loaded



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    • 1.14.60 Hotfix
    • 1.16.1
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      Several Xbox LIVE players and I have noted with the 1.14.60 hotfix that if you have a Realms World on Minecraft Bedrock Edition with bees, if you download that given Realms world to your PC on Windows 10 Bedrock and play on that downloaded world, almost all bees that are in Beehives and Bee Nests in block form (Not item form) within a 42 chunk radius from where you load in at will despawn inside the nests and hives, treating it as if they were never inside to begin with. The honey NBT data remains with the hives and nests in block form, but the bee data does not in most cases. Bees outside of their nests/hives will not despawn and will still be present. Bee nests and hives in item form have their bee data retained however.


      Upon further testing myself, I have found that using nametags on the Bees to make them persistent doesn't work if the bees are in the hive/nest blocks and will still despawn. If you do the exact opposite and upload a world to Realms with bees, the data carries over properly, but downloading the Realms world to Windows 10 Bedrock has this negative effect occur, which sucks for people who make manual backups of their worlds. I have tested this glitch seven times for consistency and it happens every time.



      The game despawns bees inside hive blocks and nest blocks on worlds downloaded from Realms onto Windows 10 Bedrock within a 42 chunk radius of where the player spawns in upon loading the downloaded world after downloading it.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Have a world/upload a world to Minecraft Realms that have bees in them.
      2. Wait until dusk when all the bees are in their hive/nest blocks. Make sure to have a bed.
      3. Save and quit from the realm.
      4. Download the world from Realms to your PC on Windows 10 Bedrock
      5. Load the downloaded world.
      6. (Optional) Listen to some of the hive blocks/nest blocks (Most of them won't make bee humming sounds)
      7. Place down your bed and sleep to dawn and watch with most beehive blocks and nest blocks that had bees in them prior to the world being downloaded from Realms do not anymore as none or in a rare case one will come out.
      8. Travel about and see within 42 chunks of where you loaded in at that this glitch has taken effect where you will find this has occured.

      Observed Results:
      Bees in nest blocks and hive blocks despawn post downloading world from Realms within a 42 chunk radius of where you load into the downloaded world when you load the downloaded world.

      Expected Results:
      Bees in nest blocks and hive blocks should not despawn at all upon loading a world downloaded from Realms.





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