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Unable to connect to world



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      I found a workaround but it certainly won't help everyone.

      If you have public IP adress
      1) Host your own server on PC
      2) Open ports for your server
      3) You can connect from your console easily since it's on the same LAN, your friends on PC can connect by the server adress and port, your console friends have to start a proxy server that connects to your MC server, then again, it's visible in their LAN games

      If you don't
      It's almost the same but you also have to simulate a LAN network using your prefered software (I used Radmin-VPN) so your friends can connect to you in above specified ways. 

      It ain't perfect but works before somebody finally adresses this issue...


      I wish I could give you further details on the error but there would have to be an error code. All I get is unable to connect to world. This happens on both ps4 and pc both ways. 

      On PS4 I tried.

      • renewing licenses
      • reinstalling the game
      • making sure NAT type is 2
      • deleting all save data
      • reconnecting ms account (5 times at least over 2 days)
      • making sure version matches my friends

      From PC I tried 

      • adding minecraft to traffic exceptions in firewall
      • disabling firewall all together along with antivirus

      Router wise (considering the issue is on my side)

      • port forwarding (shouldn't be needed since I already had nat typ 2 but did it anyways)
      • trying pretty much every setting possible 

      Account wise

      • readding friends
      • trying completely different account
      • making sure privacy settings for MP are se to alowed outside of xbox live
      • making privacy settings public all together (on both accounts)

      Mental health wise

      • pulling my hair out
      • slamming head against wall
      • punching the table
      • not getting enough sleep cause trying to fix this

      I know this is duplicate but I also know there are like a thousand threads about this and some are YEARS old. How come there's still no reliable solution? I didn't want to sound out aggresive but I've spent two days trying to get the damn thing to work... Please review this. At least give me hope this will get fixed SOMETIMES. I bought 2 copies of this game to play with my family and now im experiencing severe buyers regret. just please... take time to review this. 

      Steps to reproduce: 
      Join friends game and be dissapointed




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