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Player can hit behind, through walls and other angle


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      [Works on any device, on "normal control, (NOT SPLIT TOUCH)]. So if the player turn on the "3rd person mode", he can hit other entity from behind, trought walls(if he turn his head down). So he can attack everything. It's not a bug I guess, it's a huge advantage for people who uses this option for PVP. So it's unfair. And we can't do anything with it. Please make that if player uses "3rd person mode", he can hit entity, but he will not able to hit it, if the entity is behind or on other side. Please make that the range will be the same if he will use the "normal view mode" , so he will not be able to attack everything what he sees on his "3rd person mode" screen view. Because you can't even do this if you play on PC. It's like a "Kill aura hack". Please fix it.

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      Link to example video https://youtu.be/LYsrkUm4rYU

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