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Weird Texture Pack appears after Crash



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      The version affected is stated as 1.14.60, however this issue has lasted since Version 2.01 (of Minecraft Bedrock [PS4] Edition)


      What has happened is that firstly, I downloaded 'Texture Update Beta' from the Store. I activated it (it immediately became the higher pack), then I joined a world. I didn't have any other packs on, just the original pack and the beta pack. In the world, after a few seconds, the game froze, displaying a Geometry Error about antenna_bee, and a Json error about something else I cannot remember.


      I restarted the game (by closing the application and then opening it again), and when I went to deactivate the beta pack, I saw that not only was it already deactivated, but now the game said that I had bought 3 packs, and one of them was a pack that had two logos: the first being the old gravel texture with a black 'x' across it, and the other being the missing texture symbol (the pink and black checkerd square)

      Please comment if I should be worried or not.


      Update as of 26/12/2020:

      There are now instructions to ‘replicate’ this issue.

      1. Download ‘Texture Update Beta’ from the store. Enable it immediately.
      2. Make sure the pack is in the highest priority (at the top of the list).
      3. Open a world that has bees spawned in (as well as beehives).

      Expected outcome: The world will load as normal, and nothing will happen. The game will still be playable.

      Observed outcome: Two errors will appear at the top of the screen, and the game will freeze. Once the game is restarted, there will be a corrupted texture pack. (An oddity is that the names of the texture packs that I had turned into alphanumeric lines and dashes. I am not sure what causes this, however I believe it is linked to the crash.)**



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